— Enchanté

We are a design firm with a love of the irreverent. Founded in 2008 by Keith Kent, we work across numerous areas of design, and partner with many other wonderful and talented companies to create outstanding, memorable and purposeful work.


We believe that in order to find the right idea, you have to be brave and lose your way. But we have a compass and a whistle for when that happens. And as you can see from our work, we know how to use them.

At our core we are designers, we love the artsy fartsy. Culture. But we are also business people. Synergy. And thus we recognise that our ideas, what it is we do, is crucial to you and your customers. So everything we suggest has a direction, a purpose and an end-goal for improving your offering. It's not just because we like that particular colour. Although we probably do like that colour. Hello artsy fartsy my old friend.

We work across many design disciplines, but they are unified under one axiomatic ideal. Clear, purposeful communications. We're not marketeers, public relations people, printers, engagement facilitators (honestly, it’s a thing) community managers or social media gurus. But all these areas are inherently based on foundations that we create, identify and guide. So we happily collaborate and advise, but never purport to be anything but designers. Sometimes we are trapeze artists. Tuesdays mostly. But mainly we stick to being designers.