— What we do

It takes courage to trust someone with your business, but we work with many people, in all manner of different industries who trust us everyday.

We do our research, have a little think, have a little chat and then we go to work. Sometimes we shake it all about. Not all the time, mind.

Our main areas of expertise are below.


/// Experience Design

Keep it simple and easy to use. One of the hardest things to do, in our experience. That was a pun, friends.

Almost everything in the world is an interactive experience: using a remote control, taking out money at an ATM, turning the dishwasher on, calling your mum on the phone, navigating a website, snooping on people in apps (we all do it). Each part of the process can enrage you if it’s not fully considered. So we‘ve learned to keep that rage to a minimum in the websites, apps, products and remote controls (hopefully somebody will hire us for a remote control soon) we produce.

/// Product Design

We take a user-centric approach to designing software products that are user friendly and a delight to use.

We bring purpose to the products we work on through design and strategic planning, user research and implementing recurring patterns. By maintaining a level of consistency in how we approach our user journeys and interfaces we allow for a level of affordance to be built up between the products and the users. This, we can assure you is key to the user being happy. And if they’re happy we are happy.

/// Printed Collateral

Print is kind of like vinyl now, it's very hip. Be hip. Get printing.

We design and manage multiple print projects from top to bottom — or, if you please — from bottom to top. Brochures, fliers, annual reports and print advertising. There’s something very rewarding about having a printed piece of literature in your hand. We like websites and apps too though - we don’t want to appear partisan.

/// Branding & Identities

We have a simple ideology when it comes to logos and identities; design them with the aim of making friends. Because that’s what their fundamental purpose is.

We create the foundations that will underpin and support the entire visual system, from the logo/wordmark, colour ways, typography through to the visual and communications language. We'll even make it a little bigger for you, if you want. That's an in-joke. Us designers are hilarious.

/// Animation & Motion

Stuff that moves. It's the best init. We can't get enough of it. I like to move it move it.

It’s the little things that delight the most, and a well executed animation delights us no end. The efficacy of motion in both entertaining and informing users is extremely compelling, so we implement it more and more in our projects.

/// Naming and Verbal Language

Talk to your audience like you talk to normal humans. Chances are they will be humans. Unless you're NASA.

Find your point of view as this allows you to ground your perspective. It will give you more to talk and write about, and it will help your audience to be more receptive to the cut of your jib. If you don’t have a point of view you can’t talk about anything definitively can you?